Impeach Joe Biden

Impeach Biden Stickers
Impeach Biden Stickers

Lady liberty has found another Champion to fight for her, Newly elected Georgia lawmaker says she will file Biden impeachment articles on Jan. 21 Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia Republican, cited Mr. Biden’s alleged family business connections with China and Ukraine. 


Newly-elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Jan. 21 announced she has introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden.

The articles of impeachment concern Biden’s alleged actions involving a “quid pro quo” deal in Ukraine and alleged abuse of power “by allowing his son, Hunter Biden, to go on the payroll of Russia, China and others,” Greene’s office announced in a statement just a day after Biden was sworn in as the 46th U.S. president.

“President Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the Presidency,” Greene said in a statement. “His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama’s Vice President is lengthy and disturbing. President Biden has demonstrated that he will do whatever it takes to bail out his son, Hunter, and line his family’s pockets with cash from corrupt foreign energy companies.”

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President-elect Joe Biden – “bought off by foreign governments, Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies” – should be impeached , according to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga

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